Bootstrapping an Enterprise SaaS Solution from 2-6 Team Members

Flipstream is an SaaS solution for Enterprise SEO Teams and SEO agencies to make better decisions and do more with their data. They also provide bespoke training and consulting for advanced data projects.
B2B SaaS


Flipstream was created and bootstrapped through the vision of its founder, Michel, based on his career of developing SEO strategy work multi-national companies and agencies.

As with any bootstrapped company, Flipstream needed to be smart with the limited resources and time available to attract the desired enterprise and agency decision-makers needed to generate both short and long-term sustainable revenue.

Flipstream needed help with:

  • Identifying their ideal customers
  • Positioning their product in the market
  • Creating a go-to-market strategy
  • Increasing inbound leads
  • Developing a smooth onboarding process for new users


Together, we worked on:

  • Customer journey and persona development
  • Positioning and product messaging
  • Design, development, and copywriting on the marketing website
  • Initial iterations of the in-app customer onboarding
  • Paid ads experiments on LinkedIn
  • Design and communications work for Flipstream's in-person events


  • Refined the Customer Journey and Ideal Customer Profiles to guide their sales and messaging efforts
  • Helped with the launch website, initial product landing pages, and founder's personal brand site
  • Developed 1st generation app onboarding UI/UX
  • Launched demand generation experiments on LinkedIn, delivering 34K Impressions to a highly targeted Dutch SEO audience
“The best part about working with Matt, besides his personality, is how effective he is at turning marketing strategy into action and impact.”

Michel Kant


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