Expert monthly marketing coaching for you or your team.

1-on-1 and group sessions are designed to equip business owners or their marketing teams with practical marketing skills, industry insights, and personalized strategies to help grow their businesses.

What this is:

Marketing moves fast in 2023 - tech, trends, tactics. It can be hard for even industry experts to keep up with what you should be paying attention to in marketing.

This monthly coaching program aims to give the power and knowledge back to small business owners or junior marketers who are looking to get answers to their burning marketing questions like:

  • Can I get some feedback on my website?
  • Should I be doing Google Ads?
  • What keywords should I be targeting?
  • Can someone help me set up my Facebook Ad?
  • How do I automate this email?
  • Should I have a TikTok?

1-on-1 and group sessions are designed to equip business owners or their marketing teams with practical marketing skills, industry insights, and personalized strategies to help grow their businesses.

Who it's for:

  • Business owners who want to be more effective with their marketing strategy
  • Internal marketing team members who want to get help with specific technical skills
  • Individual marketers who want to improve their skills with 1 on 1 help and guidance

What you get:


  • 1x 60-minute personalized 1-on-1 marketing session
  • Follow-up Action Plans
  • 1x monthly marketing workshop
  • Flexible session scheduling
  • Unlimited questions via email
  • Recordings for our 1-on-1 sessions
  • Access to my Private Slack channel
  • Access to my Resources and Training Library (30+ Documents)
  • $200 cash for any friend you refer

Who it's for:

  • Your company has an annual revenue of $2M+, or is a funded startup
  • You want access to an experienced strategist and team manager but don't need them full-time
  • You have a high ($2,500+) Customer Lifetime Value
  • You're building an in-house marketing team, but need someone part-time to create strategy and lead execution
  • You believe there's no single "silver bullet" - sustainable growth takes time and effort

What does this cost?

  • $200/m All Access
  • No long-term commitment

Why Me?

I've helped dozens of companies from bootstrapped startups to mature 8-figure organizations build, execute, and manage profitable growth strategies, including over $2 million in ad spend.

I enjoy working with high-performing teams that are serious about their growth

As an experienced marketeer, I've done everything from building websites, designing graphics, launching ad campaigns, automating email funnels, and more.

As an entrepreneur, I've been "in the trenches" - deciding on strategy, making sales, building teams - heck even fixing toilets and mopping floors.

I'm a proud dad, husband, former world-class martial artist, and crappy golfer.


What does my 1 on 1 session look like?

This is a 60-minute virtual call where we will work through your marketing problems, brainstorm ideas, solve technical issues - whatever is top of mind for you. The last 10 minutes of the call we focus on summarizing priorities and action items.

What topics can we cover during the call?

We can cover a wide range of marketing topics during our call, including but not limited to:
Website strategy and feedback
Brand positioning and messaging
How to launch and position a new product or service
How to set up an influencer campaign
How to leverage new and emergent marketing technology
How to manage team and project work
How to hire for a new marketing role
Paid ads auditing or technical help (Google, FB, etc)
SEO strategy and keyword targeting
Marketing funnel automation
Content marketing, SEO
Analytics and dashboard setup

The agenda of our call is flexible and can be adjusted to suit your specific needs and interests.

How do I prepare for the calls?

To get the most out of our calls, it is beneficial to come prepared with specific questions or topics you want to discuss. You might also want to share any relevant materials (like your website, ads, and analytics reports) in advance so we can review them together during the call.

What do the monthly marketing workshops look like?

Our monthly marketing workshops are interactive sessions focusing on various marketing topics. They provide a deep dive into specific aspects of marketing, with practical examples and actionable tips and resources. As a member of the monthly coaching program, you'll have the opportunity to attend these workshops and apply the learnings to your own business.

Do you offer group discounts/packages?

Yes. Contact me for pricing.

Can we have more than one session per month?

Yes. Contact me for pricing.

Do you offer other marketing services?

Yes, in addition to the monthly coaching program, I also provide other services including fractional marketing director services, training and workshops, and done-for-you marketing such as website development and ads.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. There are no long-term commitments, so you are free to join and leave the program as your needs and circumstances change.

How does the referral program work?

When someone you've referred has signed up and paid for their first session, you earn $200. Payouts at the end of each month.

How do I sign up?

Email me at or book a discovery call meeting through my contact page.

Let's chat.

Want to find out if we are a good fit? I love hearing about what people are building.